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Air Conditioning Repair Anaheim Hills California

Cool Air Technologies is an air conditioning repair company that sells, services and repairs virtually all makes and types of air conditioners. Our technical expertise combined with great personal service provides unmatched value for our customers.

Established by Bill and Trish McIntosh in 1998, Cool Air Technologies is a family-owned business located in Anaheim Hills, California. The company has grown in size, capability, and market size since it started, but continues to provide excellent personalized service to its clients. Bill McIntosh still looks after his clients’ air conditioners himself.

Maintaining your HVAC (heat, ventilation and air conditioning) system is vital to keep your home comfortable or your business running. Keeping your heating and cooling at the right level ensures comfort in the home and improves productivity in the workplace. HVAC systems consists of various components that work together to keep optimal air conditioning and heating levels.

Air Conditioning Repair Anaheim Hills CA

Among these components are air filters that remove dirt particles from the air as it passes through your HVAC system and need to be replaced. Evaporator and condenser coils are another essential component. These tend to grow moldy because they are constantly damp, and need to be cleaned regularly. Dampers keep your HVAC unit functioning efficiently but need to be cleaned and lubricated to make sure they work properly. Fans and belts require less maintenance than the other components, but still, need to be maintained a couple of times each year to clean the dirt and grime that may have built up. They may also need replacement after months or years of wear and tear.

To make sure your HVAC unit operates at optimum efficiency, you need a maintenance team with the technical know-how, experience and dedication to look after your air conditioning equipment. When your units do break down, you will want the best air conditioning repair service to fix your air conditioner at the most reasonable cost. Cool Air Technologies has been doing just that since 1998. Customers have come to rely on us for their critical HVAC maintenance and emergency AC repair requirements.

Heating Contractor Air Conditioner Installation Anaheim Hills CA

One of the Best Air Conditioning Repair Services In Anaheim Hills CA

At the same time, Cool Air Technologies is the best Air Conditioning Repair Contractor to help you design and set up your new air conditioning system. Whether you require a central air conditioner repair to cool down an entire building, a packaged air conditioner to cool a number of rooms or a large office space, or more modular and autonomous split or window air conditioners, Cool Air Technologies will design the best HVAC system that suits your needs.

Air Conditioning Repair Anaheim Hills CA

Regardless of whether you need a new air condition system or whether you need to maintain your existing HVAC or air conditioning units, Cool Air Technologies will give you the same superb level of service that it has been giving its customers for more than a decade now. Bill McIntosh, the company’s founder, still services customers himself. He is meticulous in his work and uncompromising in the quality of his service. These traits have become the ingrained values upon which Cool Air Technologies has been built.

For more information, and to get a quote for your new HVAC design or existing unit maintenance, contact Cool Air Technologies.

Cool Air Technologies Inc.
5061 E. Orangethorpe Avenue #E-147
Anaheim, CA 92807
Phone: (714) 576-2928

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